investment400The Essential Oil market is growing steadily with demand for Citronella Oil increasing due to it's natural ability to repell insects without the use of harmful chemicals.

PWG Citronella Farms is seeking investors to help expand it's current farm and to meet demands which currently outweighs our supply.

Investment is needed to acquire new land in order to grow more Citronella grass. Money is also needed to expand production facilities, packaging and exporting processes and to expand our manpower.

For more information about investment opportunities with PWG Citronella Farms please conatct us here.

About Us

PWG Citronella Farms is one of the oldest Citronella farms in Ghana having started growing and producing the Citronella since 1990 when there we only about 10 growers in the entire country.

The Donkoh family have been traditional farmers and fishermen for many generations.

The idea to grow Citronella first came to Mr Donkor when he met Mr…. who explained to him the many benefits of the Citronella oil.

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