Citronella-FarmPWG Citronella Farms is one of few well established Citronella farms in Ghana having started growing and producing the Citronella since 1993 when there we only a handful of growers in the entire country. Today PWG Citronella is a fully registered company in Ghana and can supply Citronella, Lemongrass and Orange Essential Oils in large quantities for the domestic and export markets.

It all started from the Donkoh family, from a farming and fishing community of many generations. It was Mr John Donkoh's passion for the Essential Oil of Citronella and his perseverance that enabled him to establish the PWG Citronella Farms business here in the Western Region of Ghana.

What started as an experiment in 1993 has now become a sustainable business. PWG Citronella Farms owns many acres of Citronella grass fields and large stainless steel high quality distillation systems that produce 100% pure organic Citronella oil.

At PWG we  practice and advocate the non-synthetic use of fertilizers, insecticides and other farming inputs. Wherever possible we use farm-based natural materials for the operation of our farms.  We work closely with nature, and not against it, to create a system of balance and respect for the processes which are naturally occurring.

We create jobs and carreer opportunities for local people and help generate income for their families. We enable the youth to fund their education and vacation students who work on the farm to generate income for continued education; something Mr Donkor is very proud of.

We have the capacity to expand our farm considerably to meet supply demands.

If you are looking for good quality essential oil, particularly Organic Citronella oil and want to buy from a responsible and reputable organization then talk to us, we are a friendly bunch of people and would be pleased to discuss your specific needs with you.

We can arrange carriage, shipping and special packaging requirements. Our Export manager is ready to speak to you at anytime.

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PWG Citronella Farms is one of the oldest Citronella farms in Ghana having started growing and producing the Citronella since 1990 when there we only about 10 growers in the entire country.

The Donkoh family have been traditional farmers and fishermen for many generations.

The idea to grow Citronella first came to Mr Donkor when he met Mr…. who explained to him the many benefits of the Citronella oil.

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